Marta Skik Harich

Marta Skik Harich began this financial literacy movement from personal experience. Her drive and convictions did not allow her to settle in her current circumstances. Her thirst for knowledge lead Marta to obtain a Master of Accounting and Specialization in Finance and next become a Certified Public Accountant. As her knowledge of finance, money, taxation and accountancy blossomed she noticed a strong need to assist individuals and business owners in their own financial understanding.

Marta founded her own Tax Strategy, Taxation and Accounting Firm

Marta founded her own tax strategy, taxation and accounting firm, Prestige Business Enterprises LLC, to provide knowledge, and financial empowerment. Marta realized the common theme among everyone she communicated with was their need to redesign how they think of their financial and tax picture. Marta authored several books, eBooks, and Workbooks to transform financial literacy into something we can redesign within ourselves. Her hope is that these tools provide a way for each individual to take control of their current circumstances and create a thriving financial future.

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